Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baked Pancakes

Actually, these are officially called "The Newcastle Inn Baked Pancakes".   I think they are basically like individual Dutch Baby Pancakes (though I've yet to make those).

This is from The Original King Arthur Flour Cookbook.  The recipe is perfect for us because it just makes two!

First you melt a little butter.  

 I found this Lodge silicone handle cover at my grocery store and I like it.  (Wish mine was red, though!)

Then I lightly greased a couple of pans.  It called for two 6-inch cake pans, but I don't have those.  These are cast iron and a little bit bigger than what was called for.  I rolled the dice.

The batter was easy-peasy to put together.  It was very thin.

Divide it between the two pans....

Bake for 15 minutes at 450º and POOF!  Not sure how they would have been in a smaller pan...maybe a little thicker?  But I liked these just fine.

 The recipe says to turn them out right away, so I did.  I turned one over to see how the bottom looked.

A few blueberries, some powdered sugar, and a bit of nice syrup on the side, and I was ready to sit down.

These came out very nice!  I will do them again for us!

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